Friday, August 27, 2010

Berengaria Brown Talks About Writing from the Male POV

What do men want?

Answer? Not much different from women. They want love, respect and someone to believe in them. But, and there always is a but, they're more direct in their needs and desires. Sex is like breathing. They want hard and rough and hot. The partner who can take all that and more is their ideal.

Writing the male POV? Think of the men in your life. The man you love. The men that drive you mad with their grunts and unwanted opinions. Then think of the man who beds you and makes you scream with pleasure because he knows exactly what you want and need. Think edgy, hard and possessive. Think need and tenderness.

Men. They're complex. To write from their perspective? A real challenge. Nothing is worse than reading a male/male book where one of the characters' names could be changed to a female name and the story wouldn't change at all. But written with understanding? Ahh the best romance and hottest sex ever.

Hi, I'm Berengaria Brown. I am a multipublished author of erotic romance and have books out that are contemporary and paranormal with a few historicals coming later this year. As well as MF and MMM I have FF stories and quite a few MMF ménages. You can find out all about me and my books at:

My new male/male/male story, Carnal Connections, from Breathless Press is released today.

Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding, and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning? Jason is darkly handsome and delicious. Toby is quicksilver lightness and fun—and Ithiel wants them both. But can three men form an ongoing relationship, or is one night all they will ever have?

Now, here's a taste of Carnal Connections.
Warning: ADULT Excerpt
Ithiel was woken the next morning by the very energetic Toby. He threw the comforter off, and lay across Ithiel's and Jason's legs—his mouth, teasing from one cock to the next.

"Oh yeah. This is the kind of wake-up call I like," Ithiel said, thrusting up into Toby's mouth.

"Mmmrf. Two hot cocks. How can that be bad?" Toby transferred his mouth to Jason's cock.

"God yeah, but we could do this better as a team," replied Jason, sitting up. He moved to show them his idea.

Very soon, they were arranged in a triangle of overlapping limbs: Ithiel's mouth filled with Jason's cock, Jason sucking Toby, and Toby licking Ithiel's balls.
Ithiel continued to torment Jason while his fingers ran through Toby's blond locks. Then someone's hand started playing with one of his nipples and Ithiel's brain began to fry from the heat of the moment. He concentrated on scraping his teeth gently over the head of Jason's cock. Gradually, he withdrew his lips, sucking as much of the length as he could deep into his mouth, then relaxing the back of his throat to take the entire cock in his mouth. He slid his hand from Toby's hair to his chest and gave a sharp pull on the nipple ring.

"Ahh," Toby gasped.

But it was so hard to concentrate when Toby was running his tongue under the sensitive ridge of Ithiel's cock. Fingers were rolling his balls. Another hand was pinching his nipple.

Shit. I'm gonna come!

You can buy Carnal Connections by Berengaria Brown


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